Portugal Summer

The beach, ahh the beach. What I love most about Portugal… or any place that touches the ocean… is the beach! Why? Because I get to wear my cute bathing suits, duh! AND pretend that I am the most beautiful mermaid in the world. AND, when I go to Portugal, I get to visit my Mia, Avo and Ana who are all so happy to have us visit.


First Days of School

This girl is having her first rodeo, and I’m saddling up to¬†grab life by the horns. Here at Kidville University I’ll be looking to make my brand¬†known with big smiles¬†and small steps. Oh, did I mention¬†that I’ll be¬†popping lots and lots of bubbles??

My first birthday


Well, I’ve got one year in the bag and I guess you could say I’ve learned a lot so far. Especially how to get up after Sebastian knocks me down again and again. Something tells me this is going to be a valuable lesson that will serve me well one day. Anyhow, here’s a few pics from my party. Enjoy!