Portugal Summer

The beach, ahh the beach. What I love most about Portugal… or any place that touches the ocean… is the beach! Why? Because I get to wear my cute bathing suits, duh! AND pretend that I am the most beautiful mermaid in the world. AND, when I go to Portugal, I get to visit my Mia, Avo and Ana who are all so happy to have us visit.



Swiss Bliss

We went on an AMAZING adventure to a place called Switzerland. There were giant bubbles, beautiful boat rides, very high mountains, and my favorite thing…. yummy chocolate!

My Little Bikey

Behold, my first ever bike… and she’s a beauty! Feels like Christmas in April. Styled after My Little Pony, rainbows everywhere, even rainbow hair on the handle-bars and a rainbow pouch for my water. Best part? Matches my rainbow shoes!