My 2nd Birthday

Well now I’m twice as old as I was last year. And if my age keeps doubling I’m not sure I’m going to be happy about it in about 5 more years. But I’ll be fine if every year is as great as this one was and I can spend it with my awesome family! I’ve got a special video/photo daily double for you this time. Check it out and enjoy!



Today, my friend Nola got some great news that she is free and clear of cancer. Amazing and just in time for our video to drop! Coincidence? Pretty awesome if you ask me. Bless you Nola, you are a true survivor.

First Days of School

This girl is having her first rodeo, and I’m saddling up to grab life by the horns. Here at Kidville University I’ll be looking to make my brand known with big smiles and small steps. Oh, did I mention that I’ll be popping lots and lots of bubbles??